Sophia Oranskaia

Sophia Oranskaia, poet, writer, script writer, was born in Orekhovo-Zouevo, region of Moscow in Russia. Graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the Teaching Institute of Orekhovo-Zouevo, she taught Russian language and literature before continuing movie studies at the Moscow Movie High School (VGIK) following the Script writer course at the V. Tchernykh workshop. After having worked for the Mosfilm studios, she followed a Master in "Development of the philosophical Thought in Russia" at the Slavic Faculty in Sorbonne, Paris, where she lives since 1992. Author of 14 collections of Russian poetry, of a sociocultural essay "France, 7 years of reflexion", two feature movie scripts, and several short stories in Russian language, she also wrote in French language the novel "Confession from a New Millenium Woman".

Since 2009, she is included in the Eminent People in Russia Encyclopedia.

Member of Russian Writer International Organization (Moscow).

2015 Prize-winner at the Richelieu International Literature Contest (Duc du Diamant Prize, Poetry Nomination).